What Aspects Should You Consider When Ascertaining Whether You Need a Wooden or a Metallic Frame

For many people, wood is the material of choice. This is not only in terms of the flooring or the furniture. It is also the preferred material for picture frames. The look of wooden frames can be quite compelling. Wooden frames typically suit almost all kind of interior décor and design styles. They can blend in perfectly with any kind of colour combination that you have. In addition, they will never look dated or go out of style. As a result, they are among the most popular kinds of frames for picture framing companies in Sydney and other places.

In the past, people did not have many options to choose from – in terms of framing materials. In many cases, wood was the only choice on offer. But, picture framing customers these days do not have any dearth of framing options. Frame making companies will typically offer frames made from a diverse range of materials. However, the choice will usually boil down to just two materials – wood and metals. People who like traditional frames will invariably opt for wood. Similarly, people with a fondness for contemporary or modern designs and layouts will not think twice about selecting metallic frames. Eventually, the decision remains based on the personal preferences of a person. But, some aspects that you should consider when shopping for new picture frames include:

  • The Type of Picture You Want the Frame for: If the picture is a classic or traditional work of art, investing in a wooden frame might be better. These frames are ideal for exhibiting still life paintings, portraits and landscapes. In contrast, if you want to display abstract paintings, minimalistic photography etc., consider metallic picture frames. The simple and clean lines of these frames make them ideal for displaying less intricately detailed artwork. Fine art framing companies will be able to help you make the right choice.
  • The Space You Want to Hang the Frame: Modern homes will necessitate the use of metallic frames. In contrast, warmly-toned rooms will suit wooden picture frames perfectly. But, it is worth highlighting that the simplicity of metallic frames makes them blend into spaces with any kind of décor style easily.
  • The Damage Potential: Wooden frames can be quite robust. Yet, they remain susceptible to damage. Their heavier weight makes them susceptible to sustaining dents or dings while falling. Repairing these is next to impossible. In contrast, repairing or replacing the sides of a metallic frame is much easier.
  • Your Budget:Picture framing services often charge higher rates for wooden frames This is because these frames comprise a costlier material. In addition, the materials used in wooden frames require hand-gluing and nailing together. Moreover, the more ornate the frame, the higher the price. In contrast, aluminium metal frames are budget-friendly.

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